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Honey Bun strain is a delicious cross between gelatti and Kush mints 11 which brings this evenly balanced hybrid strain from Cookies. The dense popcorn and tree-shaped buds have lime and fern-green leaves, packed together in flower-shaped clusters. Curly orange pistils are sparsely scattered about, while short and sticky yellow trichome hairs cover the buds. Honey Bun has a funky basil and clove odor with hints of citrus and honey. Smoking or vaping Honey Bun releases a sour basil flavor, with hints of sweet honey and a peppery aftertaste.

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For consumers, Honey Bun weed has a nutty, sweet flavor packed with pleasant aromatics like floral scents and lavender. The taste, like creamy, nutty bread that evolves into a spicy herbal exhale, smells a little skunky and fuely but nothing too pungent.

As you smoke, you’ll feel tingly and relaxed, boosted mentally into a sense of focused ease and creative calm. Honey Buns helps people feel uplifted, partly from deliciousness and partly from relaxation. This strain is much easier on the head than it is on your gardening hands.

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With its relaxing powers, Honey Buns will get you ready to accept an evening of serenity, banishing chronic stress, pain, and depression out of your mind. It’s a gentle good time, the kind you’d expect from a strain that tastes of pulling apart vanilla-scented bread and washing it down with flowers.




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