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Buy Critical plus hash

Critical Plus is a cross of Big Bud and Skunk. The colour is somewhat like chocolate brown with a strong pungent aroma and nice flavors.This hash is very sort and crumbles very easily leaving a slight residue on the finger tips.The effort is very strong and this is an easy to smoke hash, it’s not too heavy to smoke, its top of the head high and it’s nice and buzzy. This hash is not too good for concentration and I find it more of an evening smoke. fish scale coke for sale, buy bolivian cocaine online fl, usa, buy cocaine online, buy weed online europe, smart bud tin cans for sale

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Oz (29 grams), 1/2lb (230grams), 1/4 lb (116grams), 1lb (460 grams)

4 reviews for Buy Critical Plus Hash

  1. van Gastel (verified owner)

    My order arrived on time. The hash looks pretty good and potent.

  2. Kovacek (verified owner)

    Thanks guys for being honest and sending what I actually ordered. Love from ??

  3. Taylor (verified owner)

    After spending a couple of days on this site I decided to give it a try and here I am totally happy I did. This hash is dope and at a very good price too. I totally recommend this. ??

  4. Marcel (verified owner)

    Good quality hash for a good price too , totally recommend this.

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