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Georgia pie has a reputation for its relaxing effects and delicious Peach flavor. Originally bred by Seed Junky Genetics, Berner’s Cookie Co. out of California has made this strain commercially available at dispensaries across the West Coast. It is made by crossing Gellati and Kush Mints. Georgia Pie is slightly indica-dominant and its buds are made of densely-packed and coiled, lime-green leaves. Patches of orange pistils can be found scattered throughout. The coating of fuzzy-trichomes makes over half of the buds surface area appear an amber color.

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Georgia Pie produces a ton of trichomes when treated well, which is why the strain is favored by growers who want to use their garden to source high-quality concentrates. To achieve these results, Georgia Pie needs a good amount of regular trimming.

Furthermore, the taste of Georgia Pie goes down smooth, with a hit of rich, bright cherry flavor mixed with nuttiness, like warm dough. On the exhale, Pie gives you a mouthful of earthiness and herbs as the euphoria sets in.

While smoking this strain, you’ll feel tingly and a bit out of it, warm and hazy all over. Feeling lifted, hungry, happy, and aroused, Georgia Pie users flock to the strain to regain their appetite, give up their nausea, or treat an unfortunate bout of insomnia.

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